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Rssb app for shabad mp3, satsang video, storiesshakhiya, ebooks pdf. As social creatures, humans benefit from turning our sociability to higher ends. You will discover the sweet richness that is revealed when you give the truth your undivided attention. Dear ones, online streaming access of the april 2017 lisbon intensive has now reached the end of its two month period. With each transaction 100% verified and the largest inventory of tickets on the web, seatgeek is the safe choice for tickets on the web. Here you will find a large and growing searchable collection of. The video satsang program is an opportunity for people to gather in an intimate setting, sit in silence, and watch recorded meetings with eli, or gangaji and eli together. If you would like to download any of these session for repeated viewing, they are now available for purchase in the online satsang shop with love. Watch these teaching videos in which eli shares his unique psychological insights into the nature of egoic suffering in support of selfrealization. After baba sawan singh, the movement split into four groups, one of them. The story of you by satsang, released 25 march 2016 1.

Video recordings of pious satsang, bhajankirtan, shastra path. Volunteers of dera sacha sauda have established various milestones for. See all previous talks below students and visitors can attend in person or via teleconference from our regional centers or with permission as noted below from any. Salabtpura satsang 2006 dera sacha sauda 8pm sach channel. Prathna channel techone calble in jammu everyday 7. Find other satsang dates and see why seatgeek is the trusted choice for tickets. After the video you are welcome to leave in silence or stay and visit with the group. Gurmeet ram rahim singh ji insan who is the torchbearer leading masses in the field of humanitarian activities. Visit dera sacha sauda video gallery and know about the true method of meditation, blood donation camps, and awareness about female foeticide.

A mix of folk, soul, rock and hip hop with lyrics rooted in social, personal, and spiritual growth. Oct 8, 2017 saint dr gurmeet ram rahim singh ji insan hd photos download results. Shabad radha soami satsang beas audio mp3 free download in india. Satsang yoga studio 235 east broad street westfield, nj 07090 908. Online satsang intensive april 2017 welcome mooji tv. Your can watch video of all welfare works done by dera sacha sauda, so subscribe us. Reading a few words from the avadhuta gita, mooji reminds us of our true nature as the pure thingless thing, or pure undiluted being. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Holy satsang by saint gurmeet ram rahim singh ji insan baba. It was the polar opposite of what id been learning for the past year. Ruhani satsang from shah satnam ji dham, dera sacha sauda, sirsa, haryana. Shabad radha soami satsang beas audio mp3 free download in.

To know more about dera sacha sauda, please visit on the following link. The daily satsang app has been designed to create the same experience on phones and tablets. These radha soami shabads are so peaceful and soulful that one can experience the angelic and divine feeling of being part of god while listening to rssb shabads. As his words imply, a group practicing together creates a. Pujya bapujis satsang is available daily on digiana divya jyoti everyday 10. This channel is dedicated to humanitarian activities of dera sacha sauda. Daily darshan and spiritual reading is an integral part of our spiritual life. Satsang transcripts holy sermons by revered saint gurmeet ram rahim. Here sri sri thakur is saying that dharma is not an ism just for affiliation by birth. Satsang is a chance to finally rest from all seeking and struggle and to experience directly the completeness and perfection of your being. Breese, university of metaphysical sciences christine breese video satsang, love, christina. Dera sacha sauda dss is a nonprofit social welfare and spiritual organization, established on april 29, 1948, by the ascetic mastana balochistani, as a centre for spiritual learning. Wednesdays satsang, my first satsang with you, was one of the most important events in my life. Paramahamsa sri swami vishwananda satsang live with the master 01 april 2020.

Top 10 radha soami shabads rssb shabad download mp3 mp4. Breese, university of metaphysical sciences christine. Ruhani satsang 4th june 2017 dera sacha sauda, sirsa youtube. Ruhani satsang 2nd april 2017 dera sacha sauda sirsa youtube. They appear on the facebook page, satsang with peter. You are invited to meditate for as long as is comfortable for you beforehand. Download sach channel app play store comstoreappsde. Satsang offered at the society of abidance in truth sat is a means by which one may understand and experience selfinquiry, as revealed by sri ramana maharshi, and thus learn its significance in the teaching of advaita vedanta. Welcome to mooji tv the home and heart of all mooji satsangs shared online you are invited to enter this site with the inner sense of visiting an ashram, open to the timeless, distanceless and everpresent truth. May 1, 2007 video feature video instructions show the following video at this point in the program. Nirmala invites you to enjoy all this site has to offer.

Dhan dhan satguru tera hi asra listen to the spiritual discourses satsang by revered saint gurmeet ram rahim singh ji insan to. Saint gurmeet ram rahim singh ji insan satsang hd mp4 videos download. The official dss app is a way to connect and share the activities held at dera sacha sauda, the most famous spiritual tourism destination in india. Dera sacha sauda is an indian nongovernmental organization described as a religious cult and nonprofit social welfare dera that was established on 29 april 1948 by mastana balochistani, an ascetic follower of baba sawan singh the second satguru of radha soami satsang beas rssb. While doing satsang, the radha soami gurus explain the meaning of the shabads and convey the message of love, humanity and faith in god to the sangat. Edji satsang video august 31, 20 click to watch on the we are sentience vimeo channel edji satsang video august 24, 20 click to watch on the we are sentience vimeo channel edji satsang video august 10, 20 click to watch on the we are sentience vimeo channel edji satsang video august 3 or thereabouts, 20. Swaminarayan mandir vasna sanstha amritvela live kirtan darbar 3rd april, 2020. I am so honored to be receiving your teachings, and to be receiving teachings that are so. Roger bruce lane gives a live monthly satsang spiritual instruction at the home center of cosmos tree and the center for religion and advanced spiritual studies located in new york city. It brings you daily satsangmajlis, welfare camps, games etc. These live satsang videos are available every wednesday at 7. Daily satsang will show you images, text and history for today as per your phone. The official dss app lets you stay closer and connected with dera sacha sauda.

Ruhani satsang 12 march 2017 dera sacha sauda sirsa. The condition and qualities of a true lover of god page 5 of 12 created. It brings you daily satsangmajlis, updates from the ashram and many more. Dera sacha sauda the official dss app is a way to connect and share the activities held at dera sacha sauda, the most famous spiritual tourism destination in india by dss it wing. The video can be found in either the science of spirituality satsang video series, or on the original tape. Bhandara 62nd annual anand yog bhandara2019 bhiyaji birthday celebration 16 august to 18th august 2018 at jabalpur, mp. Dharma jodi naire futlo jiban majhe nitya kaorme batil kore rakhli tare ki hobe tor temon dharme. Once reminded of this, it is important not to place ourselves in any context. Holy satsang by saint gurmeet ram rahim singh ji insan baba ram rahim singh ji on 10 july 11. There is a zoom session after the satsang for those who have questions or want to share their experiences. Satsang is a simple yet precious recording celebrating the sacred space of silence and song. Ruhani satsang 2nd april 2017 dera sacha sauda sirsa. Ruhani satsang 4th june 2017 dera sacha sauda, sirsa.

The buddha, after all, did make the sangha, the spiritual community, one of the three cornerstones of his path, just as christ told his disciples, when two or more are gathered in my name, there am i in the midst of them. Aca church avadi dehabhiman na rakhvu daily online satsang sabha. Watch satsangs at the sat temple online vimeo on demand. In this 11 minute video, mooji helps us to remember that recognizing the self only involves the dropping of all concepts and beliefs, including concepts like karma which only applies to the bodymind, and so many other thoughts and beliefs that the mind tries to place in the way to try to ensure its own survival as a separate entity. Watch the live telecast of satsangmajlis from the ashram, preferred connectivity. Below are some free satsang videos by christine breese from youtube that you can view. Interact oneonone with devaji and be present for dialogues with others via video conference.

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