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They enable transmission of high frequency signals through the high voltage hv lines. Pdf analysis and suppression of the coupling capacitor. Coupling capacitors are only used for coupling high frequency communication. Capacitor voltage transformers shall be hermetically sealed to eliminate breathing and to prevent ingress of air and moisture into the capacitor stack and into the tank of capacitor voltage transformer. The capacitive voltage transformer cvt is also called capacitive potential transformer. Analysis and suppression of the coupling capacitor voltage transformer ferroresonance phenomenon article pdf available in ieee transactions on power delivery 244. Capacitor voltage transformer in hindi cvt concept duration. Capacitor voltage transformer cvt or capacitor coupled voltage transformer ccvt is a switchgear device used to convert high transmission class voltage into easily measurable values, which are used for metering, protection, and control of high voltage systems additionally, a cvtccvt used as coupling capacitors for coupling highfrequency power line carrier signals to the transmission line. The capacitive potential divider, inductive element and the auxiliary. Otcf capacitor voltage transformers capacitor stack the capacitor stack is a voltage divider which provides a reduced voltage at the intermediate voltage bushing for a given voltage applied at the primary terminal. The capacitive voltage transformer stepdown the high voltage input signals and provide the low voltage signals which can easily measure through the measuring instrument. In its most basic form, the device consists of three parts. How electrical capacitive voltage transformer cvt works explained in the video.

Laboratory tests and digital simulations article pdf available january 2005 with 666 reads how we measure reads. If the constant voltage transformer is subjected to a line voltage frequency change the output voltage will vary, as shown in figure 115. Capacitive voltage transformers isolate the measuring instruments, meters, relays, protections, etc. Capability for handling a short circuit is an inherent feature of a constant voltage transformer. The regulation of a constant voltage transformer can be designed to be better than a few percent. In a capacitor voltage transformer system consisting of a capacitor chain and an electromagnetic transformer, an impedance network having a transfer function which is the inverse of the transfer function between the input and the output of the cvt under operating conditions is connected across the output of the electromagnetic transformer to obviate distortions produced in the output due to. Capacitor voltage transformer cvt or ccvt construction. The capacitor stack is a multi capacitor unit assembly.

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