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Share or download your own brand new romance book covers template. Sep 17, 2017 romance book cover art, historical romance novel cover art, romantic painting. Historical romance portfolio deranged doctor design book. See more ideas about romance novel covers, book cover art and historical romance. Historical romance custom book cover design for print. See more ideas about romance novel covers, romance and. See more ideas about cover art, romance novel covers and book cover art. This overhead perspective isnt used a lot on romance novel covers, making this one all the more eye catching. Fortunately or unfortunately, these days major publishing houses cant either, which means everybody is using stock photography. Free romance book covers templates to customize canva. His paintings and art works got best cover art for ro. Historical romance novels, romance novel covers, vintage romance, vintage books, book cover art, book covers, fantasy books, history books, book. This is a one of a kind premade romance book cover and will only be sold once. Premade book covers premade fiction, historical book covers.

Premade covers from bookin it designs bookin it designs. See more ideas about book cover art, cover art and romance novel covers. See more ideas about historical romance, historical romance books and. The license for this cover is limited to 20,000 print copies unlimited ebook copies. Historical themed couple stock images for romance novel book cover art by jenn leblanc for studio smexy and illustrated romance.

Mar 11, 2020 this board is dedicated to cover art from historical and vintage romance novels. I had a great time browsing the covers and i hope you do too. The art of book cover design for historical fiction this is an older post, but it remains so popular that i keep it pinned here on the main page. This classic pulp fiction book cover of a girl that just cant help it. If you want to purchase the covers for future use this is completely acceptable. Romanceerotica premade book covers rocking book covers. Her eyes say, i can and will kill you if i have to, but the colorful supernova explosion behind her tells you that bouchets scifi romance isnt all doom and gloom. Thekilliongroupimages is a brand new website and your previous username and password will not work here. Welcome to the killion group images, the new home of looking for an image for your latest book release. Text changes for book title, author name, series title, tagline, and back text are included. New sites added 72815 how about relaxing with a cup of coffee and your favorite romance. Historical romance is a farreaching genre that includes eras, storylines, and cover scenes that can be just as interesting and romantic.

Look no further we have over 30,000 images to choose from. Capture your readers attention with a stunning book cover design. From classic regency romances to fabio eyeing heaving bosoms to the new trend of brightly illustrated covers, romance novel covers have always captured readers attention. Bookcoverscre8tive book cover design bestselling premade. Premade book covers and ebook covers for independent authors on a budget. Romance book cover art, historical romance novel cover. Bestselling historical romance book cover designs professional ebook covers for regency, victorian, highlander, western and mail order bride themes. Titles and author names shown are for illustration purposes only. Romance novel covers, romance novels, historical romance books, book cover art, bodice, my books, image, novels, love photos. Mar 26, 2020 jon pauls art is breathtaking and it has been a pleasure and a privilege to be his friend.

The best royaltyfree stock image sites for your book. Best historical romance covers score a books total score is based on multiple factors, including the number of people who have voted for it and how highly those voters ranked the book. Historical romance bookcoverscre8tive book cover design. I am a voracious reader with an analytical mind, an eye for detail, and a passion for historical fiction and good books in general. In a glance, i saw some historical fiction, fantasy, nonfiction, and some that. This time i am in a mood to share beautiful hyper realistic paintings by alan ayers. This historical romance book cover features a man and a woman in a close embrace. Elaine gignilliat pronounced jenalat is one of the foremost romance book cover artists.

Nonexclusive and exclusive stock images and premade covers for the romance novel industry. Each cover is original and only sold to one author. Thousands of unique premade romance book covers created by professional designers. Premade book covers, made to overcome your competitors. The historical romance genre bombards readers with barechested, muscular males, who have shirts falling off their backs, toned physiques, and sixpack abs.

Your premade romance ebook cover will include your own title, your author name and any tagline or subtitle you wish to include. The book, which will kick off a new series for the celebrated romance author, gives a clear nod to colin firths lake jumping mr. Change the color and text to your own romance book cover template using over 100 fresh fonts. Premade ebook kindle covers romance the cover collection. Regency historical romance premade book cover premade. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. Harlequin historical books and cover art collection by mybooksrule. I had the pleasure of speaking on the art of book cover design panel at the historical novel society conference last june with emily victorson from allium press, sarah johnson from reading the past. The woman is wearing a white shirt and black skirt. Personally, i would love to see this genre stir the pot a lot more to include anything other than a woman in a flowing dress to attract attention.

She has painted covers for over 350 romance books representing more than 150 authors including her latest work. Once you hear back from me need to make sure one doesnt sell twice. Folks regularly remark they would buy the book just for the cover. Romance novel covers romance novels historical romance books book cover art book covers fantasy romance romantic couples love book rogues what a reckless rogue needs the sinful scoundrels book 2 kindle edition by vicky dreiling. If youre indie publishing, you probably cant afford a photo shoot. Allan kass cover art historical romance art, romance. Historical fiction product categories the book cover. Creating a beautiful book cover is a delicate art, and nowhere is that more obvious than in the world of romance novel covers. Gm book cover design add to cart a night at the opera.

Book cover 243 cookbooks recipes 22 selfhelp wellness 15 childrens books 12 horror thriller 9 biographies memoir 7 photographic 34 illustrative 12 typographic 7 service includes. Thank you so much for helping me turn my vision into a lovely cover. This historical romance book cover features a woman in a blue dress sitting on a chair with her back turned to the viewer. Gm studios is a one stop shop for all your covert art needs including costume design, branding, and online marketing for the independent author. Historical clinch stock 001 images illustrated romance. Book cover design services by book cover designers fiverr. Romance book cover templates as one of the most popular literary genres, youll need a beautiful book cover to go with your romance novel. Best cover artist for romances in the historical category by the published authors network of romance writers of america. Finding romance stock photos september 10, 2018 march 10, 2019 by bonnie family vacation time and novel revisions havent left me enough time to finish reading and processing angelique, so lets continue on the theme of covers. Closeup photo of an old open book, ancient history, reading interesting similar images. Jenn leblanc is a fantastic photographer and oh by the way she writes romance, too. Soren kierkegaard once said life can only be understood backwards. Collection of premade book covers for romance and erotica genres. The old adage you cant judge a book by its cover is really only a halftruth because i dare say most books are sold in the romance genre by what is on the cover.

Jenn leblanc at the illustrated romance also has a ton of stock photosand shell do individual photoshoots with exclusive images for you if you want. The art of book cover design for historical fiction i had the pleasure of speaking on the art of book cover design panel at the historical novel society conference last month with emily victorson from allium press, sarah johnson from reading the past, anna michels from sourcebooks, and kris waldherr from art and words. The cover sets the scene, tempts us with whats inside, and reveals the type of. Historical romance premade book covers beetiful pre. Oct 19, 2019 always so breathtakingly beautiful see more ideas about romance, romance novel covers and cover art. Whether your story is a light romantic comedy or a bittersweet story of unrequited love, canva offers a wide collection of romance book cover layouts and templates to choose from.

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